Columbus Wedding Calligraphy

When it comes to your big day, you want everything to be done as well as it possibly can be. And that includes everything from the very beginning of your wedding plans to the its final conclusion. Of course, the beginning of your wedding season is when you start to design your wedding invitations. Take your time and find that graphic designer who will be able to create something that is personalized and exudes your style. But that is not where your invitation creation ends. If you really want to take it to the next level and give your guests a thrill when they see your invitation, you need to hire a professional calligrapher to hand write all of the information in a special cursive. Of course you will want to make sure the font also matches your style and personality. Your guests will be absolutely raving about how special you invitations look when they see the lengths you have went to. It will feel like a kickback to another era, like you are announcing the betrothal of the king and queen. We urge you to not let this opportunity pass you by, take this step. The Columbus area has several really talented calligraphers that you will want to check out. Pay attention to this guide that we have put together and it will help you not only find candidates to check out but also advise you on how to hone in on the perfect vendor for your wedding needs.

You may have never of had to search for a vendor like a calligrapher. But with our help there should be no problem. Your first stop should be to harness the power of the world wide web. Do a Google search for “calligraphers in the Columbus area.” You will amazed at home many calligraphers you might find with this kind of search. In fact, there may be too many for you to humanly check out but you can try. Start clicking on one link after another and peruse some of their portfolio. When you feel you have found one that might be a potential hire, write their name and contact information down. What about your wedding vendors. Talk to the ones you have booked already and ask them for recommendations if they have any. Also, your family, friends and coworkers can be an excellent source of potential vendors. Ask anyone and everyone you know if they have ever hired a calligrapher or if they have ever seen any work by a calligrapher that was exceptional. Now that you have a list of potential calligraphers, it is time to call them up and setup an interview to talk to them about your invitation needs.

Depending on what your wedding schedule looks like from the day that you are interviewing candidates, you need to know how long it will take to receive your finished product. In fact, this may be more important than you realize if your are on a very short time deadline. You definitely need to know how long they have been doing calligraphy professionally. Are they a member of any associations or do they have any certifications? Will they need extra envelopes just in case there are mistakes. This is almost always how it is done. Take a look at some of the styles that they are adept at. Do you like any if them for your invitation? How much will their services cost? When you figure out which calligrapher will be the best for you, ask for a written contract which specifies all of the particulars.

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